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David Bentley Hart Responds to the Neo-Neo-Chalcedonians

Dear Al, It seems to come as a shock to some that I am not a partisan of the school of thought you have dubbed “NC” (for Neo-Chalcedonianism). And yet, as it happens, I most definitely am not. It would … Continue reading

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The Impassible Passibility of the Kenotic Word

“For Cyril,” writes Fr John McGuckin, “the notion of the Eternal One’s self-emptying (Keno­sis) as outlined in Phil.2.6f. rises to the status of a master theme throughout his thought—to such an extent that the earthly economy of the Word made … Continue reading

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The Good News of Apatheia, or Why God Doesn’t Need to be Unhappy Just Because We Are

This month Eclectic Orthodoxy celebrates its two year anniversary. The blog has been a great blessing to me. I hope it’s been interesting, at least occasionally, to others. To help me celebrate I’ve asked Tom Belt of An Open Orthodoxy … Continue reading

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St Athanasius: The Body of God

“Inasmuch as he is the Word and Son of the Father, he took to himself a body that was capable of death” (Inc. 9). “Therefore, it was fitting that he took a mortal body” (Inc. 13). “The Savior of all … Continue reading

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