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Sola Scriptura, Holy Tradition, and the Hermeneutics of Christ

by Robert F. Fortuin It is not uncommon to hear Eastern Orthodox Christians assert that ‘holy tradition is the context of scripture’—by this is meant that the Bible cannot be separated from the practice and theology of the community of … Continue reading

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Once upon a time … there was a unitarian God

Once upon a time, there was one God, a unitarian, solitary Deity who lived in his eternity all by himself. And then one day, before there were days, the one God decided to create a universe and people it with … Continue reading

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God Creates the World from the Cross

“Since he who saves already existed, it was necessary that he who would be saved should come into existence, that the One who saves should not exist in vain.” (Irenaeus, Against Heresies III.22.3) This quotation from the great second-century bishop and … Continue reading

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Creatio ex Nihilo: The Grammar of Transcendence

“The Rule of Truth that we hold is this: There is one God Almighty, who created all things through His Word. He both prepared and made all things out of nothing, just as Scripture says: For by the word of … Continue reading

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