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John Meyendorff and God’s Assumption of Fallen Humanity

In his various essays and books, Fr John Meyendorff frequently speaks of God’s assumption of fallen humanity in Jesus Christ. As we asked in our previous post on Met Kallistos Ware, so we ask now of Meyendorff: What does the … Continue reading

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The Self and the Gospel

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D. Recently, Father Kimel posted a meditation on the connection between proper love of self and theosis. These thoughts were inspired by some of Father Herbert McCabe’s practical cogitations on living the Christian life. Some readers, … Continue reading

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God and the Triviality of Numerical Oneness

In response to my article “Debating the Tuggy Triad,” Dr Dale Tuggy has revised his triad to address my belief in the traditional understanding of divine eternity: D*: Jesus and God differ. N*: Jesus and God are numerically one. I*: If … Continue reading

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Faithful Biblical Criticism

How do we learn who Jesus of Nazareth “really” was? The question assumes that there was in fact a historical person named Jesus. Jesus’ existence has been contested in the past; but I doubt there are many serious historians today … Continue reading

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Historical Criticism and the Christ of Faith

Before there was Bart Ehrman, there was John Dominic Crossan and the Jesus Seminar. My younger readers may not even have heard of the name John Dominic Crossan; but let me assure you, back in the early 90s his The … Continue reading

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God, Jesus, and the Tuggy Trilemma

Dr Dale Tuggy has recently published a two-part blog article addressing the divinity of Christ: “Do the Gospels disagree about Jesus and God.” He proposes that a reflective reader must deny one of these three statements:   1) The New … Continue reading

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So what if Jesus didn’t claim to be God

N. T. Wright suggests that the most succinct expression of the gospel is “Jesus is Lord.” Robert W. Jenson suggests that the most succinct expression of the gospel is “Jesus is risen.” Which one is right? I’m confident one need … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ: a god or just a demi-god?

The answer, of course, is neither. When the catholic doctrine of the Incarnation is discussed with non-Christians (and sometimes even with fellow Christians), the doctrine is often interpreted as the assertion that Jesus enjoys the status of a demigod. Precisely … Continue reading

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