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Freedom and Determinism: What’s the Difference?

Free agency, states Hugh McCann, exhibits three essential features. First, free actions cannot be “the product of independent event-causal condi­tions. An autonomous agent has to be a center of novelty—a point from which, to the extent he influences it, the … Continue reading

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Creation as Chaconne

by Pastor Tom Belt Bach’s Chaconne for Violin is 12 to 15 minutes of—well, forgive me for putting it this way—the eucharist ingested through the ears, a divine liturgy of pure music. I have well over a dozen recordings by different … Continue reading

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At Liberty to Become Free

by Pastor Thomas Belt Many thanks to Fr Adian for the invitation to share my views on the controversial subject of “free will.” I’m grateful for Fr Aidan’s friendship, the encouraging conversations we have, and his kindness in allowing me … Continue reading

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Jerry Walls: Is Hell a Place You’d Ever Want to Visit?

Universalists do not necessarily deny Gehenna. Thomas Talbott is case in point. He believes that it is possible for human beings to reject God. Those who die in their rejection will find themselves in a post-mortem condition of suffering. We can … Continue reading

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Jerry Walls: The Irrationality of Hell

If damnation is a matter of self-exclusion from the kingdom of Christ rather than retributive punishment for unrepented sins, and if we are truly given optimal grace to choose the joy of heaven over the misery of hell, why would … Continue reading

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Thomas Talbott: The Inescapable Love of God (part 9)

3) “The free will theist’s understanding of hell is, in any case, utterly inconsistent with the New Testament teaching about hell” (The Inescapable Love of God, p. 171). God does not damn, we damn ourselves; God does not cease to … Continue reading

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Thomas Talbott: The Inescapable Love of God (part 6)

God does not coerce! Without question, this is the most popular, and perhaps most powerful, objection raised against the universalist hope, at least in those circles where the retributive construal of damnation does not hold sway. God has given human … Continue reading

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Are you immune to the universalist hope?

Theologian Roger E. Olson posted on Thursday an article on universalism over at his blog. He’s been discussing Oliver Crisp’s book Deviant Calvinism. As one who has little interest in Calvinism, deviant or otherwise, I doubt I will ever read … Continue reading

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