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Angelic Destroyers and Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

Ezekiel 9 After showing his prophet the abominations being committed in Jerusalem and temple, the LORD pronounces his apocalyptic judgment. With a loud voice he summons his angelic executioners. Six are armed for slaughter; the seventh clothed in linen, with … Continue reading

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If atonement ain’t penal, why the cross?

The theory of penal substitutionary atonement provides a clear, simple-to-understand explanation of the events of Holy Week. On the cross the eternal Son endures the wrath of God for the sins of the world. He stands in our place; he suffers the … Continue reading

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“The resurrection is always beyond speech, and beyond touch, while death is always mute, tangible, and objective”

There, on the unseen transformation of nature into relation, we pin our hope of immortality. There, on love. The distinction of nature from person is not an intellectual definition. It is the experience of love: the revelation of the uniqueness … Continue reading

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