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The Thomist and the Palamite

Palamite: “You make no distinction between the essence of God and his energy and you say that God gives himself to the creature in a finite mode. On your showing, this must mean that the divine essence is given in … Continue reading

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Chalcedon Visits Wonderland, or Why Jesus Ain’t Thor

Over at Open Orthodoxy Tom Belt has launched a series of articles criticizing the kenotic christology of Greg Boyd. I am not well acquainted with Boyd’s writings, but Tom’s article did inspire me to take a look at his article … Continue reading

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God, Jerry Coyne and the unread David B. Hart

David B. Hart’s The Experience of God must be an impressive book. It must be, because even without having read it, atheist Jerry A. Coyne has begun to attack it. He assures us he has ordered a copy (and will … Continue reading

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