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St Basil the Great: Homily Against the Sabellians et Alios (part 2)

Against both the Sabellians and the Anomoians, St Basil of Caesarea invokes the testimony of the Gospel of John. Against the Sabellians, he cites verses that state the distinctive identity of the Son: “The Word was with God and the … Continue reading

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Nazianzen and Zizioulas on the Divine Processions

Eunomius posed a simple and clear challenge for the doctrine of the Church: given that God is unbegotten, incommunicable substance, all divine activity, generation, or emanation must occur outside of God. Michel Barnes explains: For Eunomius the transcendence of God … Continue reading

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The Importance of the Monarchy of the Father according to John Zizioulas

“For the Christian faith,” Fr John Behr declares, “there is, unequivocally, but one God, and that is the Father” (Nicene Faith, II:307). Western Christians, whether Catholic or Protestant, hear this declaration and wince. It just does not accord with their … Continue reading

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