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Piercing the Veil: Ascension, Heaven, Eucharist

“Two affirmations,” writes Paul J. Griffiths, “are required of Christians about Jesus’ ascended flesh” (Christian Flesh, p. 49): The ascended flesh is now located at the right hand of the Father. The ascended flesh is truly present in the Holy … Continue reading

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Parousia as Fulfillment of Pentecost

Just as we may speak of the eternal Son emptying himself of his glory in the Incarnation, hiding himself, as it were, in the flesh of the man Jesus, so we may speak of an analogous movement of the Holy … Continue reading

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The End is Nigh … Eventually

On this point science and the Bible agree (sort’ve): the history of the present universe will come to conclusion. Whether the universe continues to expand indefinitely, ultimately approaching the temperature of absolute zero (big freeze), or at some point begins … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Deluge

Fr Stephen De Young’s invocation of the story of Noah and the Ark as critique of apokatastasis got me wondering how I might preach this story. I did in fact preach a series of sermons on it back in the late … Continue reading

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Becoming a New Creation with the Apostle Paul

Shortly after I graduated from seminary, I “tried on,” if you will, the penal substitutionary view of atonement, as articulated in the writings of J. I. Packer. Some of you may have read his classic book Knowing God. I read … Continue reading

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