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The World is a Hazlenut We Must Nought

Of the sixteen showings received by Julian of Norwich on the 15th of May, 1373, the third immediately grabbed my theological attention: The third is that our Lord God, al mighty, all wisdom, and all love, right also verily as … Continue reading

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Creatio ex Nihilo: Alternative Proposals (1)

The new book Theologies of Creation, edited by Thomas Jay Oord, presents ten essays by different theologians addressing the doctrine of creation, with critical attention to the creatio ex nihilo. The majority of the theologians find the traditional doctrine problematic, … Continue reading

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When Nothing Becomes God (or is it vice-versa?)

I just returned from a week of traveling–first for a funeral in Maryland and then down to visit my mother in Virginia Beach. I checked out my blog aggregator and this curious posting on the creatio ex nihilo drew my … Continue reading

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When Making Makes No Nuttin’ Difference

We have to be careful here. It’s easy to misconstrue the Christian claim God has created the universe out of nothing. For example, in his popular book Theology and Sanity Frank Sheed writes: “God made it. And He made it of … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Nothing, or When Does Nothing Become Something?

Can we imagine the universe spontaneously emerging from absolute nothing? I would have thought that the answer would, obviously and logically, be no, once nothing is understood as it was defined and understood in classical philosophy. But apparently some physicists … Continue reading

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