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St John of Damascus and the Incarnation

“John Damascene’s presentation of the Incarnation,” writes Charles  Twombly, “is insistent at the outset on two claims: Christ’s human nature is real and complete; and the person of the united humanity and divinity is God and not a human or … Continue reading

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St John of Damascus on the Holy Trinity

Perhaps the greatest theological challenge of the early Church was the articulation of the trinitarian identity of the one God. How do we express both the unity and distinctiveness of the divine persons, or as Charles Twombly puts it, their … Continue reading

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Charles Twombly: Perichoresis and Personhood

I had intended to read On the Orthodox Faith by St John of Damascus before reading, and reviewing, Perichoresis and Personhood by Charles Twombly. Given that the latter work seeks to exposit the former, this seemed to make sense. But it’s … Continue reading

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St Gregory of Nyssa: Perichoretic Trinity

How do we know God as Holy Trinity? Through the contemplation of Holy Scripture. During the height of the fourth century trinitarian debates, neither Orthodox nor Arians thought they were expositing a metaphysical Deity apprehended by reason alone. All parties … Continue reading

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