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Eclectic Thoughts on Holy Trinity: Person, Essence, Energy, and Stuff Like That

by Robert F. Fortuin There is an observation by David Hart in the essay ‘The Hidden and the Manifest’ worthy of further consideration. The comment occurs in his critique of Thomist and Neo-Palamite readings of patristic distinctions within God: There … Continue reading

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Christos Yannaras: The God who is Person & Love

I had not planned to walk over to my bookshelf and pull out my unread copy of The Freedom of Morality. Christos Yannaras, through no fault of his own, simply was not on my must-read-in-the-next-decade list. So many books, not … Continue reading

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Dumitru Staniloae: Surrender unto Death

Death is the great enemy of humanity. Only by an act of sustained denial do we not see it for what it is—the destruction of personal identity, the destruction of love and community, the destruction of meaning and hope. Atheists … Continue reading

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William Hasker, Orthodoxy, and the Social Trinity

When I was in seminary, I read Leonard Hodgson’s book The Doctrine of the Trinity. Hodgson was a pioneer in what has come to be known as the social model of the Trinity. I no longer own my copy of … Continue reading

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