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The Self and the Gospel

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D. Recently, Father Kimel posted a meditation on the connection between proper love of self and theosis. These thoughts were inspired by some of Father Herbert McCabe’s practical cogitations on living the Christian life. Some readers, … Continue reading

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“The resurrection is always beyond speech, and beyond touch, while death is always mute, tangible, and objective”

There, on the unseen transformation of nature into relation, we pin our hope of immortality. There, on love. The distinction of nature from person is not an intellectual definition. It is the experience of love: the revelation of the uniqueness … Continue reading

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Christos Yannaras: Human Person as Icon of God

The Almighty God, Holy Scripture teaches us, created humanity in his Image; but precisely what this means is unclear. Theologians have offered various interpretations of the Imago Dei over the centuries, typically identifying a property or attribute mutually shared by … Continue reading

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Dumitru Staniloae: What is Freedom Good For?

“Holy Scripture shows that life on earth is the arena in which the human person decides his fate for eternity, for after death he cannot change his fate” (The Fulfillment of Creation, VI:30)—this is a foundational premise from which flows … Continue reading

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