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Dionysian Ponderings: Out with the Gods, in with the Names

St Dionysius is a Neoplatonist, which means that he teaches a metaphysics of participation. In general terms, David Schindler explains, “to speak of metaphysical participation is to say that one thing has what it is with and indeed after and … Continue reading

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Are Christians Polytheists?

If Father, Son, and Spirit are each divine, then why are they not three gods? We are finally prepared to look more closely at St Gregory of Nyssa’s provocative answer in his Ad Ablabium. As we have seen, Gregory has … Continue reading

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Larry Hurtado and the gods

I do not understand what Larry Hurtado, summarizing a forthcoming scholarly article, means when he writes of the 2nd Temple period: I engage the terminological issue of whether and/or how “monotheism” can be a suitable term for ancient Jewish religious … Continue reading

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St Basil the Great: Homily Against the Sabellians et Alios (part 2)

Against both the Sabellians and the Anomoians, St Basil of Caesarea invokes the testimony of the Gospel of John. Against the Sabellians, he cites verses that state the distinctive identity of the Son: “The Word was with God and the … Continue reading

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“The Experience of God” (Part 4)

How do we move from knowing god to knowing God? It is a movement, David Hart explains, from power to impotence: The gods are enfolded within nature and enter human thought at the most exalted expressions of its power; they … Continue reading

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God is not Odin, God is not Zeus, God is not Marduk

God is not Odin All-Father. God does not wield thunderbolts like Zeus. God does not make the world by slaying Tiamat and dividing her carcass to form heaven and earth. God is not god. We Christians, of course, did not … Continue reading

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