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Augustine of Hippo–the Patron Saint of Skeptics?

by Alexander Earl How do we know what we know? Do we even know anything? What does it mean to know something, anyhow? Come to think of it, how do you know you’re not dreaming, that these words are not … Continue reading

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St Symeon the New Theologian and the Quest of the Historical Jesus

by John Stamps You might ask yourself, what possibly could an 11th century Byzantine monk (949-1022) have to say that is the least bit relevant to the Quest of the Historical Jesus? In a nutshell, the Quest of the Historical … Continue reading

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Dogma, Doubt, Modernity, and Ghetto Theology

Early last month Peter Enns published an article titled “Experience Teaches Us to be Radically Undogmatic.” My immediate thought when I read the title: “How very dogmatic of Dr Enns.” I then proceeded to read the article, which, as it … Continue reading

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Thomas Wingfold, Curate: Faith and Atheism in George MacDonald

I do not know how to review the novel Thomas Wingfold, Curate by George MacDonald. If I were to assess it as I would any other work of realistic fiction, I could only give it two stars out of a … Continue reading

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