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Dumitru Staniloae: Personhood and the Immortality of the Soul

God has constituted the human person as a unity of body and soul. The soul cannot be reduced to matter. It permeates the material body and is joined to it yet also transcends it. The soul is what makes a … Continue reading

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When Are Immortal Creatures Immortal?

“What is created is, of its nature, mortal.” I quoted the above sentence in my previous article, “The Ontological Entropy of the Zizioulian Universe.” I hoped it might evoke a comment or two. Assuming the accuracy of the translation, there … Continue reading

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The Ontological Entropy of the Zizioulian Universe

“Existence is relentlessly threatened by death,” writes Met John Zizioulas. “To say that the world is created, in other words that ‘there was a time when it was not,’ does not simply mean that it could just as well not … Continue reading

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St Athanasius: The Creation of Humanity in the Image of the Image

“In the beginning wickedness did not exist,” writes St Athanasius of Alexandria. In the beginning God the Father created human being in the image of his Image, that is to say, in the image of the eternal Word who would … Continue reading

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