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God, Analogy, and the Metaphysics of Participation

by Robert Fortuin There’s an interesting post over at Tom Belt’s Open Orthodoxy blog—“Lost in Translation” (part 1 and part 2)—which developed into a conversation about a conversation. The post and the subsequent comments concern a topic of great importance. … Continue reading

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Analogy of Being: Knowing God in Similarity within Dissimilarity

How is it possible to speak meaningfully of the infinite and transcendent God? By definition he is not an object of our sensible, perhaps not even of our intellectual, experience; yet human language is grounded in our experience of the … Continue reading

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“Allah” or “God”: Does it Matter?

“Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?” Do a Google search and you will find this question being addressed on numerous blogs by theologians, philosophers, and plebeians. Clearly it has generated a great deal of interest. My blog certainly experienced … Continue reading

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