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Trinity, Logic, and the Transcendence of Transcendence

Philosopher Dale Tuggy believes he has a decisive proof against the coherency of the catholic doctrine of the Trinity. It goes like this: God is a personal being, i.e., a self. By “self” is understood a being who is conscious, … Continue reading

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Debating the Tuggy Triad

Are you ready for a break from the universalist-infernalist debate? I know I am. So how about a discussion on the Trinity? Everyone please click on the link and hop over to philosopher Dale Tuggy’s article “Jesus, God, and an … Continue reading

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When Scripture Becomes Scripture

The writings of the Bible exist as historical artifacts and may therefore be read as historical artifacts. We must seek to understand them within their historical context. We need to know all sorts of things: we need to know who … Continue reading

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