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St Isaac the Syrian and the Punitive God of the Scriptures

“Do not call God just,” St Isaac the Syrian scandalously declares, “for His justice is not manifest in the things concerning you.” But surely God punishes the wicked, we quickly retort. Surely there is divine reprisal, an infliction of deserved … Continue reading

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Herbert McCabe and the Unfathomable Mystery of Divine Forgiveness

Consider the following scenario: We sin and God gets angry. Desiring reconciliation, we repent and plead for mercy. God forgives. This is put crudely. Eastern readers may protest that the scenario is alien to the Orthodox understanding of God; Protestants … Continue reading

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God as Abba: A Mini-Reflection on God’s Love and Judgment

Originally posted on Athanasian Reformed:
This is just a short reflection on God and judgment. Last night at work as I was cleaning dairy equipment (filler machines—the machines that fill all the milk jugs with milk that you buy in…

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