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Eclectic Thoughts on Holy Trinity: Person, Essence, Energy, and Stuff Like That

by Robert F. Fortuin There is an observation by David Hart in the essay ‘The Hidden and the Manifest’ worthy of further consideration. The comment occurs in his critique of Thomist and Neo-Palamite readings of patristic distinctions within God: There … Continue reading

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Preaching the Kingdom

On 27 November 2014 I gave a talk titled “St Isaac the Syrian, Apokatastasis, and the Renewal of Orthodox Preaching” at the first Theotokos Institute Conference in Cardiff, Wales. An expanded, footnoted version of the talk will be published in … Continue reading

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William Hasker, Orthodoxy, and the Social Trinity

When I was in seminary, I read Leonard Hodgson’s book The Doctrine of the Trinity. Hodgson was a pioneer in what has come to be known as the social model of the Trinity. I no longer own my copy of … Continue reading

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St Basil the Great: Homily on Faith

Scholars are unable to date St Basil of Caesarea’s homily On Faith (De fide) with much accuracy. It appears to have been composed sometime between 365 and 375, with 372-375 being the most likely years, given the attention given to … Continue reading

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Victory Over Death and the Acquisition of a Resurrection Hypostasis

Christ Jesus is the savior of the world because in his divine person (hypostasis) he has united created nature and taken it through the crucible of death into a glorified eternal existence. John Zizioulas elaborates: This victory is achieved in … Continue reading

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When Are Immortal Creatures Immortal?

“What is created is, of its nature, mortal.” I quoted the above sentence in my previous article, “The Ontological Entropy of the Zizioulian Universe.” I hoped it might evoke a comment or two. Assuming the accuracy of the translation, there … Continue reading

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Nazianzen and Zizioulas on the Divine Processions

Eunomius posed a simple and clear challenge for the doctrine of the Church: given that God is unbegotten, incommunicable substance, all divine activity, generation, or emanation must occur outside of God. Michel Barnes explains: For Eunomius the transcendence of God … Continue reading

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The Importance of the Monarchy of the Father according to John Zizioulas

“For the Christian faith,” Fr John Behr declares, “there is, unequivocally, but one God, and that is the Father” (Nicene Faith, II:307). Western Christians, whether Catholic or Protestant, hear this declaration and wince. It just does not accord with their … Continue reading

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