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“Readings in Universalism” Updated

We have had a lot of new visitors to Eclectic Orthodoxy over the past ten months, largely thanks to the reviews of That All Shall Be Saved. Some of our visitors, however, may have missed my page Readings in Universalism. This … Continue reading

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Comments caught in spam queue

Dear readers, I just found four comments in the spam queue. They appear to have been in there for several days. My apologies for their late approval. Legitimate comments rarely get caught by the WordPress filters. As a result I … Continue reading

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A Tumble, a Gash, and the Jesus Prayer

As many of my readers already know, I took a bad tumble on Saturday, crashed my head on a table, and ended up in the emergency room. End result: 15 stitches in the forehead and torn tendons in my right … Continue reading

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Where is the Church?

I generally do not comment on ecclesiology on social media. I believe that the Orthodox Church is the historic and eschatological Church of Jesus Christ in fullness of truth, beauty, life; but I also see beyond her bounds divided and … Continue reading

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Sometimes blogging can be a blessing

Every once and a while someone will write me privately to thank me for blogging, particularly on the subject of the Greater Hope. A few days ago, a young man named John left the following comment on Eclectic Orthodoxy’s Facebook … Continue reading

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I blog–therefore I am?

Folks may have noticed that I have been blogging less over the past year than in previous years. The change is easy to explain. I have been reading challenging material (like Aquinas and Bonaventure) that really is beyond my training, … Continue reading

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Praying Psalm 41/42

This morning my wife and I prayed Psalm 41/42 as part of our morning office. We use A Psalter for Prayer, which I’m told is based on the old Coverdale translation, though tweaked in light of the Septuagint. After morning prayer … Continue reading

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Memories of a Page

I was appointed a page for the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman Jamie Whitten, whose head secretary, Ann Watson, lived a few doors down from us in Arlington and was one of my mother’s best friends. I drove to … Continue reading

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