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“The LORD makes and remakes; he does not unmake, and the infliction of pain as punishment would be to contribute to unmaking”

Sin, the averting of sinners by their own actions from the LORD’s loving face, has nothing whatever to do with the LORD. It is an absence, a horror, a grasp at nothing that succeeds in moving the graspers toward what … Continue reading

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“Mary was asking for a temporal favor, but Christ was preparing joys that would be eternal”

The Son of God went to the wedding so that marriage, which had been instituted by his own authority, might be sanctified by his blessed presence. He went to a wedding of the old order when he was about to … Continue reading

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“The most important question, the most fascinating question, the most enigmatic question, makes us squirm–squirm though we wear the unmoved mask of agnostic indifference”

There is no question more ultimate than the question of the ultimate. This is the question of God. Non-philosophers may well be willing to grant this claim. They may even expect philosophers to come to their assistance. But we philosophers … Continue reading

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“The Lord was not only baptized himself; he also renewed our fallen nature and restored to us our status as God’s children”

“As soon as he had been baptized, Jesus came out of the water. The heavens were opened to him and the Spirit of God in the form of a dove came down and rested on him. Then a voice from … Continue reading

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“But John baptizes, Jesus comes to Him perhaps to sanctify the Baptist himself, but certainly to bury the whole of the old Adam in the water”

And now, having purified the theatre by what has been said, let us discourse a little about the Festival, and join in celebrating this Feast with festal and pious souls. And, since the chief point of the Festival is the … Continue reading

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“When gifts are brought to the God-man, the dignity of the divine motherhood is exalted”

This is the day on which Christ was clearly revealed to the world, the day on which he consecrated the sacrament of baptism by receiving it in person, and also the day, according to the belief of the faithful, on … Continue reading

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“If he was not flesh, who was lying in the manger? And if he was not God, whom did the Angels come down and glorify?”

The facts themselves bear witness and his divine acts of power teach those who doubt that he is true God, and his sufferings show that he is true man. And if those who are feeble in understanding are not fully … Continue reading

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