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“Death swallowed the Lamb who was sacrificed for all, and then disgorging him disgorged all of us in him and with him”

“When he saw Jesus coming toward him John said: ‘Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world’” (Jn 1:29). No longer does he say: Prepare. That would be out of place now that at last … Continue reading

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“You were not ashamed to be born within the lowly limits of our human nature, but I cannot pass its bounds”

“I am the voice, the voice crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way for the Lord.” So I cannot be silent, Lord, in your presence. “I need to be baptized by you, and do you come to me?” At my … Continue reading

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“Stars cross the sky, wise men journey from pagan lands, earth receives its savior in a cave”

“The star came to rest above the place where the child was. At the sight of it the wise men were filled with great joy” and that great joy should fill our hearts as well. It is the same as … Continue reading

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“He who sanctified another’s womb, that a prophet might be born, He it is Who opened the womb of His own Mother, that He might come forth Immaculate”

And so the Child was circumcised. Who is this Child, unless He of Whom it was said: “a Child is born to us, a son is given to us”? “He was made under the Law, that He might redeem those … Continue reading

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“Have you ever seen wealth in such great penury?”

Today, as a firstborn son, Christ went down into Egypt to end the mourning its ancient bereavement had brought upon that land. Instead of plagues he brought joy, instead of night and darkness he gave the light of salvation. Of … Continue reading

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“O new commingling; O strange conjunction; the Self-Existent comes into being, the Uncreated is created”

Christ is born; glorify Him. Christ from heaven; go out to meet Him. Christ on earth; be exalted. Sing unto the Lord all the earth (Ps. 96:1,11); and (to join both in one word) Let the heavens rejoice; and let … Continue reading

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“And so our Lord Jesus Christ, being at birth true man though He never ceased to be true God, made in Himself the beginning of a new creation”

The bodily Nativity therefore of the Son of God took nothing from and added nothing to His Majesty because His unchangeable substance could be neither diminished nor increased. For that “the Word became flesh” does not signify that the nature … Continue reading

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