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“How could time enter the picture when an eternal gift is given outside of time?”

Every gospel reading, beloved, is most helpful both for our present life and for the attainment of the life to come. Today’s reading, however, sums up the whole of our hope, banishing all grounds for despair. Let us consider the … Continue reading

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“O eternal Trinity, O Divinity, O unfathomable abyss, O deepest sea, what greater gift could Thou givest me then Thy very Self?”

O Eternal God! O Eternal Trinity! Through the union of Thy divine nature Thou hast made so precious the Blood of Thine only-begotten Son! O eternal Trinity, Thou art as deep a mystery as the sea, in whom the more … Continue reading

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“Abraham used to pursue even passersby and drag them into his home, whereas the rich man disregarded someone lying in his own doorway”

It is worthwhile inquiring why the rich man saw Lazarus in Abraham’s arms, and not in the company of some other righteous person. The reason is that Abraham was hospitable, and so the sight of Lazarus with Abraham was meant … Continue reading

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“And in this he showed me something small, no bigger than a hazelnut”

At the same time as I saw this sight of the head bleeding, our good Lord showed a spiritual sight of his familiar love. I saw that he is to us everything which is good and comforting for our help. … Continue reading

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“But our true Mother Jesus, he alone bears us for joy and for endless life, blessed may he be”

Our Mother in nature, our Mother in grace, because he wanted altogether to become our Mother in all things, made the foundation of his work most humbly and most mildly in the maiden’s womb. And he revealed that in the … Continue reading

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“For when our love for this present world dies, its sufferings increase”

Dearly beloved, the reading from the holy gospel about the sower requires no explanation, but only a word of warning. In fact the explanation has been given by Truth himself, and it cannot be disputed by a frail human being.¬†However, … Continue reading

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“For in our Mother Christ we profit and increase, and in mercy he reforms and restores us”

God the blessed Trinity, who is everlasting being, just as he is eternal from without beginning, just so was it in his eternal purpose to create human nature, which fair nature was fist prepared for his own Son, the second … Continue reading

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