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“If need be we must even be prepared to face death for our neighbor’s salvation as did our Savior’s blessed disciples and those who followed in their footsteps”

“I give you a new commandment,” said Jesus: “love one another.” But how, we might ask, could he call this commandment new? Through Moses, he had said to the people of old: “You shall love the Lord your God with … Continue reading

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“The Theotokos was the first to see the Lord after the resurrection and she had the joy to hear his voice first”

The resurrection of the Lord is the regeneration of human nature. It is the resuscitation and re-creation of the first Adam, whom sin led to death, and who because of death, again was made to retrace his steps on the … Continue reading

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“The early Christians really did believe that they were living in the ‘age to come’ for which Israel had longed, the time of forgiveness of sins, the gift of the Spirit”

What then did the earliest Christians mean when they said that Jesus of Nazareth had been raised from the dead? They cannot have meant that, though his body remained in a tomb, his spirit or soul was now safe in … Continue reading

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“Up to the time of His Resurrection, the Lord taught about eternal life; but in the Resurrection, He shows us that He Himself is Eternal Life”

Men have condemned God to death; God, however, has by His Resurrection “sentenced” men to immortality. In return for their buffets, He offers embraces; for their insults, blessings; for death, immortality. Never have men shown such enmity for God as … Continue reading

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“Let us no longer seek the living among the dead”

But even as I speak I sense myself lit up by the luminous robe of the angel, and that sweet earthquake shakes my heart with pleasure, rolling away the heavy stone of the human tomb, through which the door of … Continue reading

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“By Christ’s death, our death has been transformed into something quite new, more like a kind of sleep”

They took the body of Jesus and wrapped it in linen clothes with the spices, according to the Jewish burial custom. At the place where He had been crucified there was a garden, and in this garden a new tomb … Continue reading

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“For His suffering was prepared as a snare for the power of death, and the death of the Lord was the source of the renewal of mankind in incorruption and newness of life”

John 19:16-18 – They took Jesus therefore. And He went out, bearing the Cross for Himself, unto the place called the place of a skull, which is called in Hebrew, Golgotha, where they crucified Him, and with Him two others, … Continue reading

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