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Plotinus, Augustine, and the One God

by Alexander Earl In my previous article, “In Defense of Christian Platonism,” I introduced the contours for defending a substantive relationship between Christianity and Platonism; the two are irrevocably entangled, and any attempt to separate them will inevitably lead to … Continue reading

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“When Peter counted on the Lord’s help it enabled him to walk on the water”

The Gospel tells us how Christ the Lord walked upon the waters of the sea, and how the apostle Peter did the same until fear made him falter and lose confidence. Then he began to sink and emerged from the … Continue reading

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The God Who is Person and Love

“In the life of the Church,” writes Christos Yannaras, “God reveals Himself as the hypostasis of being, the personal hypostasis of eternal life” (The Freedom of Morality, p. 16). He rejects any philosophical approach that begins with analysis of the … Continue reading

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Remembering and Forgetting, Depression, and the Healing of Memories

Back when I was in seminary, I was introduced to what was then called the ministry of inner healing or the healing of memories. Numerous books were written on the subject, notably by Agnes Sanford, Francis MacNutt, Michael Scanlon, Dennis … Continue reading

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The Christian Concept of Death

by Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann Indeed “if Christ is not risen, then your faith is in vain.” These are the words of the Apostle Paul, and they remain fundamental for Christianity to this day. “He suffered and was buried. And He … Continue reading

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“His hands were as earth beneath the bread and his voice was as thunder above it”

Our Lord in a desert place changed a few loaves into many, and at Cana turned water into wine. Thus before the time came to give men and women his own body and blood to feed on, he accustomed their … Continue reading

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Balthasar: The Hopeful Non-Universalist

by Henry C. Karlson, III Hans Urs von Balthasar’s hope that all could be saved has led many people to condemn him as a heretic, claiming that such hope is a weak form of universalism. Many who support Balthasar likewise … Continue reading

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St Basil the Great and the Divinity of the Holy Spirit

“I neither chose to name the Holy Spirit God nor dare to call him a creature,” declared Eustathius of Sebaste in response to the Neo-Arian denial of the divinity of the Holy Spirit. At first glance, Eustathius’s ambivalence seems reasonable. … Continue reading

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