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Rowboating with God: The Mystery of Synergism

A few years ago I called a well-known Orthodox theologian and asked him to elaborate on the Orthodox doctrine of synergism. He pointed me to the well-known words of the Apocalypse: “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if … Continue reading

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Is God a Turtle?

Analytic philosopher Jason Waller discusses the question of the necessity of God in his article: “Can only abstract objects exist by necessity?” He is responding to an argument that only abstract objects necessarily exist: God is a concrete object, not … Continue reading

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Double Agency: Conceiving Divine and Creaturely Causality

We begin, I suggest, by getting clear in our minds the kind of relationship that exists between Creator and creatures: God’s creative activity is not external to the universe, as is our relation to such things as stoves and books. … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking and Knowing the Mind of God

If I want to understand why my closet door becomes difficult to open and close when it gets cold or how it is that a plant can convert light energy into chemical energy, I call a scientist. I do not … Continue reading

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Saint Silouan and the Mystery of God

by Fr John Breck Introduction To present the life and teachings of Saint Silouan, it has become customary to begin with the few lines recorded about him in the Register of the St. Panteleimon Monastery of Mount Athos, where he … Continue reading

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Can Analytic Philosophers Fix the Doctrine of the Trinity?

Bloggers live to be read; but when another blogger actually writes an article in response to something one has published … well … that is cyberheaven. It’s like one’s very existence has been validated. So when Dale Tuggy responded to … Continue reading

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Richard Hays on Scripture and Creed

Richard Hays is Professor of New Testament at the Duke Divinity School. In this talk Hays invites us to read the New Testament quite intentionally through the hermeneutical lens of the Nicene Creed. “But of course,” Orthodox and Catholic Christians … Continue reading

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Charles Williams and the Mysticism of the Graal

War in Heaven is often recommended as the first novel one should pick up as introduction to the fiction of Charles Williams. Having just re-read it, I have to concur. Not that it is always easy. None of Williams’s novels … Continue reading

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