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Ainulindalë: The Ideas of Eru and the Subcreativity of the Ainur

Before moving on to the next stage of Eru’s creation of Arda, I want to return to the emanation of the Ainur from the One and the significance of their participation in the Great Music.1 The Ainulindalë tells us that … Continue reading

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David Artman Interviews Jordan Daniel Wood on Universalism

    Podcast Interview with Jordan Daniel Wood

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An Open Letter to Fr James Dominic Rooney

Dear Fr Rooney, In response to my twenty-five premises article on uni­ver­salism and hell, you write: First, what you are listing are almost all con­clu­sions, with practically none of the relevant sup­porting premises for those conclusions. The issue then is … Continue reading

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The God of the Possible

by Thomas Belt, DD I offer the following argument for your consideration. It is not an argument for univer­sal­ism as such. It is an argument that aims to demonstrate the impossibility of every other alternative to universalism. My own journey … Continue reading

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The Ainur’s Music and the Trinity

Originally posted on The Flame Imperishable:
Metaphysics of the Music, part 25 With the account I’ve given of Thomas’s views on music, beauty, and the realism of created being as background, I think we are in an ideal position to…

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The Premises of the Moral Argument Against Hell

Tom Belt’s recently published article “God’s Eschatological Salvific Will” has generated a great deal of traffic and is already Eclectic Orthodoxy‘s most popular article for 2023. I have been surprised, however, by one critical response: two analytic philosophers have told me … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Three Swedes About Universal Salvation

A couple of months ago, I had an absolutely delightful conversation with three Swedish theologians, Peter Berntsson, Christoffer Skogholt, and Erik Åkerlund, for their podcast Tro och förnuft (“Faith and Reason”). Despite my fluency in Swedish (as well as French, German, … Continue reading

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God’s Eschatological Salvific Will: Revisiting Hart’s Moral Argument for Universalism

by Thomas Belt, DD I’ll get right to the point. I’m shocked that reviews of David Bentley Hart’s recent That All Shall Be Saved which reject his univer­salism all fail to engage his moral argument. Perhaps there is a real … Continue reading

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