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As many of my readers already know, I took a bad tumble on Saturday, crashed my head on a table, and ended up in the emergency room. End result: 15 stitches in the forehead and torn tendons in my right … Continue reading

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“But beyond evil, there is yet a ‘being as nothing’ with the forgiving ‘yes’ that offers release again, beyond the ‘no’ that blights being”

What of God as the absolute judge? We tend today to be uncomfortable with judgment: we think it smacks too much of revenge. Can we evade judgment, finally? Justice is God’s, it is said. But true judgment is not vengeance, … Continue reading

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“Why then are you trying to bend God to your will?”

“All the ways of the Lord are mercy and faithfulness, for those who keep his covenant and will.” We have here a tremendous statement on the subject of faithfulness and mercy. Mercy is mentioned because it is not our deserts … Continue reading

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“God is absolute in the intimacy of its own being for self, and absolving in the releasing of creation that is the love of finitude of agapeic origination”

Is this the place to start: God as being, perhaps as over-being? I would visit the philoso­pher Paul Weiss in his old age, and coming in the door he would ask me, almost shouting: “How do you get from being … Continue reading

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What is Orthodox Hell?

What is the Orthodox doctrine of hell? I honestly do not know. I do know what many Orthodox have taught about hell during the past hundred years or so, and I know some­thing about what the Church Fathers taught about … Continue reading

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“The friendship of the ‘beyond, above’ with the ‘in the midst’ is at issue in turning to God and mysticism”

The pure trust, the true “yes” lies buried deep in the determinacies of finite life. It surfaces episodically through life, coming through and receding, on and off, visiting and gypsy, like a wayward love. One cannot just will it, though … Continue reading

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God, Analogy, and the Metaphysics of Participation

by Robert Fortuin There’s an interesting post over at Tom Belt’s Open Orthodoxy blog—“Lost in Translation” (part 1 and part 2)—which developed into a conversation about a conversation. The post and the subsequent comments concern a topic of great importance. … Continue reading

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Origen on Adam and Eve

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Origen, De Principiis, iv. 16 = Philocalia Origenis, p. 24. (Translation, with original text on facing side, in H. M. Gwatkin, Selections from Early Christian Writers, London 1897, pp. 136-139.) What intelligent person would fancy,…

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