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Fr Christiaan Kappes on the Essence-Energies Distinction

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Slowly Reading St Athanasius: Four or five pretty good reasons why Jesus isn’t a space alien or astronaut

by John Stamps C.S. Lewis encouraged us to read old books in his famous introduction to St Athanasius’ On the Incarnation. In the best of all possible worlds, he prescribed that, after you have finished reading a new book, you … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Castle MacGorilla

I have just finished reading the children’s story The Mystery of Castle MacGorilla by David Bentley Hart. “What?” you ask. “The metaphysician, controversialist, and grandmaster of archaic vocabulary has written a children’s story? Surely you jest?” No, I do not … Continue reading

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An Edifying Interview with Maximus Scholar Paul Blowers

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“His hands were as earth beneath the bread and his voice was as thunder above it”

Our Lord in a desert place changed a few loaves into many, and at Cana turned water into wine. Thus before the time came to give men and women his own body and blood to feed on, he accustomed their … Continue reading

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A Conversation with G. K. Chesterton

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How Anthropomorphic is your G-O-D?

Confession time: for most of my parochial ministry, I was a theistic personalist, to use the term coined by Brian Davies. “Egads! Tell me that’s not true.” “Yes, I’m afraid so.” “But what is a theistic personalist?” “Someone who espouses … Continue reading

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“For his flesh did not shine with splendour from without, like Moses, but the glory of his divinity flooded from him”

He led them up the mountain to show them who the Son is and whose he is. Because when he asked them, ‘Whom do men say the Son of man is?’ They said to him, some Elias, others Jeremias, or … Continue reading

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