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Simple Divinity is Sheer Existing

“The doctrine of God’s simplicity,” states James Dolezal, “reaches the zenith of expression and sophistication in the thought of Thomas Aquinas” (God Without Parts, p. 6). One might even argue that it forms the lynchpin of St Thomas’s under­standing of … Continue reading

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St Thomas Aquinas, Divine Simplicity, and Knowing the Unknowable God

What is God? What is his nature? The answer given by St Thomas Aquinas may surprise us: we do not know. By contemplation of the structures of the world, we may know that God exists as the ultimate cause and … Continue reading

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Divine Simplicity as Negative Theology

“From first to last,” writes philosopher Brian Davies, “the doctrine of divine simplicity is a piece of negative or apophatic theology and not a purported description of God” (“Classical Theism and the Doctrine of Divine Simplicity,” in Language, Meaning and … Continue reading

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Thomas Aquinas on Evil and Human Freedom, with Critique of Universal Salvation

Dr Taylor O’Neill, author of Grace, Predestination, and the Permission of Sin, is an up-and-coming Thomist philosopher. In this podcast he discusses the place of evil within the providential order from the perspective of St Thomas Aquinas. God permits evil and … Continue reading

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On Essence and Existence

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“Aquinas and Why the New Atheists are Right”

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St Thomas Aquinas and Free Creaturely Agency

Listen to this talk and then ask yourself this question (which the speaker, Dr Taylor Patrick O’Neill, does not ask): If God wills the universal salvation of all human beings, is it within his capacity to infallibly move the will … Continue reading

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Transubstantiation: Was Thomas Aquinas a Semi-Calvinist?

“The colour and shape of the host is not the colour and shape of Christ’s body,” declares Herbert McCabe; “the location of the host, its being on the altar does not mean that Christ’s body is located on the altar; … Continue reading

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