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The Last Anchorite

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Can the Church Survive the Historical-Critical Method?

The problem posed by the historical-critical method might be posed as the difference between what the text meant and what it means. Once this dichotomy is sharply posed, we find ourselves in a crisis of authority. How does Scripture exercise … Continue reading

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Can Lutherans Commit Mortal Sins?

Karl Barth speaks for the Reformed tradition when he rejects the traditional distinction between mortal and venial sins. This distinction, he writes, “assumes a quantitative concept of sin which cannot be united with the decisive seriousness of the divine judgment … Continue reading

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“Accept back this one who passed her time well with us, whom you chose, and predestined, and sanctified”

And so the child of God then enters and stands among the horns of the altar, after both her begetters had given thanks and the priest was about to give a blessing.  Again her parents cry to the priest, “Receive … Continue reading

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Mortal Sin, Reflective Faith, and the Search for Assurance

The problem with mortal sin is that it’s so damned mortal. It scares me—as it rightly should. Mortal sin is nothing less than a state of spiritual death and impenitence. I know that the reason I was drawn to Martin … Continue reading

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The Baltimore Declaration

It was a Saturday evening, the 11th of May, 1991.  I had chosen to skip the final day of the annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. Late that afternoon the telephone rang. At the other end was my good … Continue reading

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“Hell is on the side of God and man, to free the child of God from the corruption of death”

To save a man from his sins, is to say to him, in sense perfect and eternal, ‘Rise up and walk. Be at liberty in thy essential being. Be free as the son of God is free.’ To do this … Continue reading

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Debating the Rights and Wrongs of N. T. Wright

This is a fascinating panel discussion on Pauline theology, focused on the scholarship and interpretive work of the great N. T. Wright.  As the discussion makes evident, Wright’s grasp of the Old and New Testaments and the extant writings of Second … Continue reading

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