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The Pope’s New Beard

Pope Francis confirmed today that God has removed the final obstacle to Catholic-Orthodox reunion. “I woke up this morning,” he explained to reporters, “looked in the mirror and, lo and behold, there I was looking back at myself with a … Continue reading

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Creation, Theodicy, and the Problem of Evil

by Robert F. Fortuin This essay sets forth the claim that the absolute freedom of God’s act of creation informs the nature and meaning of evil. Because God created the universe without prior constraint or necessity, His moral nature and … Continue reading

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Is Universal Salvation Possible in Islam?

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“Each virtue is a gold and diamond step on the ladder of salvation, the ladder that unites earth and heaven, that stretches out from your own hell to your own paradise”

Why does the Church place this Saint in the middle of the Fast, as the most holy image, so that all would behold him? Saint John of the Ladder. Who is he? He is the man who experienced and wrote … Continue reading

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Sergius Bulgakov on St Augustine and Predestination

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Divine Mercy as ‘Immanent Transcendence’ According to Nicaean Metaphysics

by Robert F. Fortuin This topic is very exciting to me for several reasons. On a very personal and existential level, it is my firm conviction that God’s mercy is precisely the very reason for, and assur­ance of, our presence … Continue reading

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Roland, Rebirth, and Resurrection: A Comparative Eschatology of Paramahansa Yogananda and Origen of Alexandria

by David Armstrong The last century has seen a lot of great scholarship on a variety of interrelated topics in biblical studies, with some helpful new starting points for doing critical work on Jewish and Christian antiquity. On the one … Continue reading

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“O Glorious Miracle, the width of the Cross matches the breadth of heaven, since divine grace hallows all”

Today the Lord’s Cross is raised before all the world; today ‘the Cross is raised and the world hallowed’, and the faithful are called to worship the thrice blessed Tree on which Christ was crucified. We pray to the tree … Continue reading

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