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The God-Man Who Could Not Die

Would Jesus have died of natural causes? The oddity of the question becomes clear when we compare it to another: Would Abraham Lincoln have died of natural causes if he had not attended Ford’s Theatre on that fateful evening? The … Continue reading

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Elder Sophrony: We shall see God as He is

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The Parousia of the Most Holy Theotokos

“The Lord comes in glory with all the holy angels and with the saints, with all that is holy on earth and heaven. But where is She,” asks Sergius Bulgakov, “the Most Pure and Most Beloved One, raised into heaven … Continue reading

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Would Christ have died of natural causes?

If historians agree on anything, they agree that Jesus of Nazareth did not die of natural causes. His was a brutal death, caused by flogging and crucifixion. Yes, there have been an oddball few who have maintained that Jesus actually … Continue reading

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Not Returning Evil for Evil: Simone Weil’s Advice in Troubled Times

by John Stamps I’ve been thinking… In a world convulsed with horrific suffering, what can we do that won’t contribute to the sum total of misery and evil? We hunger and thirst for justice. But we also don’t want to … Continue reading

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The Face of God

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The God-Man Who Freely Wills His Passions

In Jesus: Fallen? Fr Emmanuel Hatzidakis challenges the now popular thesis that the eternal Word assumed fallen human nature. We must distinguish, he says, between the blameless passions and the blameworthy passions—Christ only assumed the former. St John of Damascus … Continue reading

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“But to know that God was good, and fair, and kind … there would be nothing left to be miserable about”

‘Do you think, Mr. Ericson,’ he said, at length, taking up the old question still floating unanswered in his mind, ‘do you think if a devil was to repent God would forgive him?’ Ericson turned and looked at him. Their … Continue reading

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