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Salvation in Christ: The Orthodox Approach

by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware Let me begin with a question that was put to me sometime ago in the railway train. A person sitting opposite fixed me with a piercing gaze and said, “Are you saved?” Now how did I … Continue reading

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The Ecumenical Stain of Original Sin

Do Orthodoxy and Catholicism significantly disagree on original sin? Both agree that by his sin and disobedience Adam broke fellowship with God and introduced into the world chaos, disharmony, corruption, evil, and death. But Orthodoxy dissents from Catholicism, we are … Continue reading

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The Curious Doctrine of Aerial Toll Houses

Over the past couple of years, the doctrine of aerial toll houses has come under critical blog scrutiny, prompted especially by the publication of Departure of the Soul According to the Teaching of the Orthodox Church. The doctrine enjoys a … Continue reading

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Vampires and Crosses

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Against You Only Have I Sinned: Christ, Creation, and the Final Judgment

by Roberto De La Noval In the psalm traditionally ascribed to King David and set in the aftermath of his adultery with Bathsheba and the murder of Uriah, we hear David cry to God in confession: “Against you, you only, … Continue reading

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Atonement and the Image of God

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Icons and the Synodikon of Orthodoxy

A yearly thanksgiving is due to God on account of that day when we recovered the Church of God, with the demonstration of the dogmas of true religion and the overthrowing of the blasphemies of wickedness. Following prophetic sayings, yielding … Continue reading

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