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In Defense of Conciliar Christology: A Response to Mark DelCogliano

by Timothy Pawl, Ph.D. I’d like to thank Fr. Kimel for hosting this exchange, and Mark for his characteristically insightful comments on my book. Also, I’d like to thank Paul Gavrilyuk who, as Mark said, originally hosted our exchange at … Continue reading

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The Christ, the Fall, and Echoes of Eden

It begins with the Fall and the introduc­tion of death and corrup­tion into the good world God has made. The ancient story is inscribed upon our hearts. Tempted by Satan, Adam and Eve partake of the forbidden fruit, plunge into … Continue reading

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God Creates the World from the Cross

“Since he who saves already existed, it was necessary that he who would be saved should come into existence, that the One who saves should not exist in vain.” (Irenaeus, Against Heresies III.22.3) This quotation from the great second-century bishop and … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible Properly: John Behr, Stanley Hauerwas, and the Historical-Critical Method

How was it that the disciples came to know Jesus as Lord and Son of God? They did not acquire this knowledge by merely accompanying him on his travels around Galilee—the gospels make this point clearly enough. Nor did they come … Continue reading

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The Pre-post-modernity of John Behr

Earlier this week I started reading Fr John Behr’s book The Mystery of Christ. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for many years. I’ve wanted to read it, as I have great respect for Fr John as theologian and scholar—his (unfortunately uncompleted) … Continue reading

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Church Fathers, Christus Victor and the Atonement: Gustav Aulen Got it Wrong

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Those Darn Greeks: Metaphysics and the Hellenization of the Gospel

I begin with an apology. Readers of Eclectic Orthodoxy have no doubt observed that over the past six months I have been preoccupied with questions that might be called philosophical, even metaphysical (yikes!). I know these topics are of little … Continue reading

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