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Fr Aidan Kimel on Universalism and the Trinity

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Hula Hoops, Fads, and the Consensus Patrum

Who remembers the hula hoop? Released in 1958 by Wham-O, it swept the country. I was six years old and I had to have one, just like all the other kids in my neighborhood. And not just little kids. Even … Continue reading

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An Interview with Archbishop Golitzin on Early Christianity

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How is the salvation of Satan related to the Incarnation?

Last Friday, while I was working on my (now published) article on the apokatastasis of the fallen angels, I began wondering how Satan’s salvation and deification (assuming he can or will be saved) might be grounded upon the Incarnation of … Continue reading

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St. Maximus on Humanity’s Liberation from the World and Nature: A Translation of Letter 9

by Jordan Daniel Wood Brief prefatory note Below sits a working English translation of Maximus’s Ep 9. It previews an ongoing translation project of all his extant letters, the details of which I will disclose in the near future. The … Continue reading

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The Greater Hope: How do I find a God who triumphs over evil and death?

Once upon a time, I would have been considered a traditionalist. That was back when I was an Episcopal priest. In my parishes I was known for my evangelical-Lutheran preaching (thank you Robert Jenson) and my firm commitment to Anglican … Continue reading

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The Incoherence of Kenotic Christology, or Why Jesus Ain’t Thor

Seven years ago my good friend Tom Belt launched a series of articles criticizing the kenotic christology of Greg Boyd. I am not well acquainted with Boyd’s writings, but Tom’s article did inspire me to take a look at his … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Resurrection

by Georges Florovsky Death is a catastrophe for man; this is the basic principle of the whole of Christian anthropology. Man is an amphibious being, both spiritual and corporeal, and so he was created by God. Body belongs organically to … Continue reading

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