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Annihilating Angels

Catholic theologian Paul J. Griffiths has proposed a controversial thesis: annihilation is a novissimal possibility for angels and human beings; they may find their last thing in a decreative return to the nothingness. One point needs to be clarified, though. … Continue reading

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No God, No Science

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The Novissimum of Annihilation

Novissima, the last things—there was a time when Western pastors would systematically preach on the last things under four topics: death, judgment, heaven, and hell. During my thirty years of active ministry, I preached on the last things during Advent … Continue reading

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Thralls of the Metronome: The Fall of the Demons into Devastated Time

“The angels are first among creatures,” writes Paul Griffiths—“first, that is, in time, and first, also, in intimacy with the LORD. When the created order comes into being by the LORD’s fiat, the light that exists before the lights given … Continue reading

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Angels and the Bodies They May Be

An evening in 1997—Fr James E. Cantler was presiding at the Holy Eucharist at the Church of the Holy Communion in Charleston, South Carolina, celebrating the anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. I was assisting in the sanctuary. My … Continue reading

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The Cross: Substitution & Participation

by Thomas Belt Fr Aidan has been a friend and sparring partner for several years now, during which time Eclectic Orthodox (EO) has become one of the best theological blogs around, so it’s a special joy to be invited to … Continue reading

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“The mystery of Christ’s incarnation and sacrificial death provides the inner line of tension, always a line of beauty, along which the world moves toward its transfiguration”

Glory’s traces and heaven’s anticipations are present extraliturgically in the devastation as well as, paradigmatically, in the liturgy, and these extra-liturgical traces are proper occasions for delight. Such traces are evident to most human creatures principally as beauty, and this … Continue reading

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