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“For nourishment, He gives us that spotless Body which He took from the All-Pure Mother of God, at the time when He was born in the flesh”

When God, the Son of God, entered the womb of All-Holy Virgin and took flesh from her, He was born a perfect person and perfect God, without confusion. When has anything more important ever happened for us? We all believe … Continue reading

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The Flight into Egypt

We think of him as safe beneath the steeple, Or cosy in a crib beside the font, But he is with a million displaced people On the long road of weariness and want. For even as we sing our final … Continue reading

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“He Who holds the universe and grasps it in the hollow of His hand, is wrapped in narrow swaddling bands and fastened into ordinary clothes”

This is the festival of the virgin birth! Our address must be exulted therefore in accordance with the greatness of the feast, and enter into the mystery, as far as this is accessible and permissible, and time allows, that something … Continue reading

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“On high He alone is the only begotten from the Only, below the same one, alone, is the only begotten from the only virgin”

I see a strange and novel mystery: shepherds sound all around my ears, not piping a barren tune, but singing a heavenly hymn. Angels are singing, archangels are dancing, the cherubim are hymning, the seraphim are glorifying, all are celebrating, … Continue reading

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Upon Christ’s Nativity

From three dark places Christ came forth this day; From first His Father’s bosom, where He lay, Concealed till now; then from the typic law, Where we His manhood but by figures saw; And lastly from His mother’s womb He … Continue reading

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“Blessed is He Who made our body a Tabernacle for His hiddenness”

Blessed be the Child Who today delights Bethlehem. Blessed be the Newborn Who today made humanity young again. Blessed be the Fruit Who bowed Himself down for our hunger. Blessed be the Gracious One Who suddenly enriched all of our … Continue reading

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“O Thou, whose glorious, yet contracted light”

All after pleasures as I rid one day, My horse and I, both tir’d, bodie and minde, With full crie of affections, quite astray, I took up in the next inne I could finde. There when I came, whom found … Continue reading

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“Hill Christmas”

They came over the snow to the bread’s purer snow, fumbled it in their huge hands, put their lips to it like beasts, stared into the dark chalice where the wine shone, felt it sharp on their tongue, shivered as … Continue reading

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