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Jesus and the Mathematics of Forgiveness

Assume for the moment that Robert Farrer Capon has the right of it: God forgives us uncon­ditionally and freely admits us into his Kingdom, apart from our doings and merits. How does this truth impact our daily lives today? Specifically, … Continue reading

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Lost Sheep and Lost Coins

That Jesus of Nazareth consorted with the wicked and outcasts is one of those historical “facts” upon which scholars agree. Not only did he consort with them; but he actively sought their fellowship, freely eating with them without first requiring … Continue reading

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Heavenly and Earthly Sacrifice

by Sergius Bulgakov Sergius Bulgakov, The Eucharistic Sacrifice, Chapter 4: Heavenly and Earthly Sacrifice Note: This excerpt of The Eucharistic Sacrifice by Sergius Bulgakov, translated and with an intro­duc­tion by Mark Roosien, (c) 2021 by University of Notre Dame Press, … Continue reading

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Preaching the Parables of Grace

After I began writing this series on the parables of Jesus, as interpreted by Robert Farrar Capon, it occurred to me that I had not shared his rationale for the threefold structure he adopts. As you might recall, he divides … Continue reading

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God is Eucharistic Love: Bulgakov’s Transvaluation of Sacrifice

by Mark Roosien, Ph.D. There is no love without sacrifice. Though cliché, this statement is undoubtedly true. Love, if it is genuine, will require a gift of self unto the end. In this vale of tears, we should not expect … Continue reading

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Parable of the Tares: Agricultural Malpractice?

Immediately following the Parable of the Sower, Jesus tells another tale involving the sowing of seeds. But whereas the Sower speaks of the proper soil conditions for the grow­ing of plants, the Parable of the Tares revolves around two kinds … Continue reading

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Archbishop Alexander Golitzen: Universal Salvation?

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Can You Say No to God Forever?

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