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Slowly Reading St Athanasius: the God we didn’t invent, rotten avocados, and other vast imponderables

by John Stamps Kids love to ask their parents questions. Kids think nothing of asking tough questions. They ask them as easily as they eat or play or sleep. They think these questions are harm­less. But the children are wrong. … Continue reading

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2020: Half Year Review

I’ve never done a half-year review before, but … heck … why not? For me personally, my ten-part exposition of David Hart’s That All Shall Be Saved, titled “Apprehending Apokatastasis,” was the most satisfying thing I’ve written so far in … Continue reading

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“For the Eucharist is not a physical conversion but a metaphysical transcensus which identifies the two different ontological realities”

Now is it right, is it even possible to speak of the substance and the accidents of the heav­enly, resurrected and totally transfigured body of the Lord? “At the right hand of the Father”—this is not a place but a … Continue reading

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“Heaven is my throne, yet I talk to you standing on the earth!”

Our Master is always the same, gentle and benevolent. In his constant concern for our salvation, he says explicitly in the gospel just read to us: “Come, learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart.” What great … Continue reading

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Casting Limbo into Limbo

Fourteen years ago (or was it an eternity ago?), during my short stint in the Roman Catholic Church, I did a goodly amount of reading on the doctrine of limbo and wrote five articles on the subject for my old … Continue reading

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“Have mercy on all souls,‬ ‪O blessed, forbearing King”

‪Through these sighs of sorrow and laments‬ ‪Arranged in numerous forms,‬ ‪Have mercy on all souls,‬ ‪O blessed, forbearing King,‬ ‪And especially on those souls‬ ‪Cut off from any hope‬ ‪Of a life of salvation,‬ ‪Those who have gone to … Continue reading

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Ambrose Andreano on “Patristic Universalism”

“I want you to see the future. Think of that dreadful judgment day when God gathers all the ‘goats’ together in what must be a most wicked city, tied down to the altar like Isaac: prepared and ready to face … Continue reading

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Ana Siljak on “D. B. Hart’s Inquisitor”

“Michael McClymond, in ‘Opiate of the Theologians,’ makes the plausible argument that we moderns have (in so many words) become soft. Christian universalism, he writes, is a ‘religion of humanity.’ a good-natured religion with all of its ‘spiritual shallowness.’ Lumping … Continue reading

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