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“Do all the things that are ordered by Christ, be ready for slaughter and daily death”

And, behold, one came and said to Him, Good Master, by doing what, shall I inherit eternal life? If he had come unto Him tempting, he would not have departed sorrowing for what he heard. This was not at any … Continue reading

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“But now the Mother of God has her dwelling in Heaven whither she was today translated, for this is meet, Heaven being a suitable place for her.”

Both love and duty today fashion my homily for your charity. It is not only that I wish, because of my love for you, and because I am obliged by the sacred canons, to bring to your God-loving ears a … Continue reading

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Reading Scripture as non-Scripture: Sola Scriptura and the Hermeneutics of Historical Artifact

“By what right do you claim the Bible for your church and exclude mine?” Let me come clean right from the start. I believe that the Holy Orthodox Church is the Church founded by Jesus Christ and his Apostles. I … Continue reading

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Dionysian Ponderings: Out with the Gods, in with the Names

St Dionysius is a Neoplatonist, which means that he teaches a metaphysics of participation. In general terms, David Schindler explains, “to speak of metaphysical participation is to say that one thing has what it is with and indeed after and … Continue reading

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“I do not know whether we can even sleep without falling into debt”

The Lord puts the parable of the unforgiving debtor before us that we may learn from it. He has no desire for us to die, so he warns us: “This is how your heavenly Father will deal with you if … Continue reading

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“Do not call God just, for His justice is not manifest in the things concerning you!”

Do not hate the sinner. For we are all laden with guilt. If for the sake of God you are moved to oppose him, weep over him. Why do you hate him? Hate his sins and pray for him, that … Continue reading

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The Human Person as Icon of God

The Almighty God, Holy Scripture teaches us, created humanity in his Image; but precisely what this means is unclear. Theologians have offered various interpretations of the Imago Dei over the centuries, typically identifying a property or attribute mutually shared by … Continue reading

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