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“The Center encompasses all things, even as it indwells all things, the way the sea fills the membrane of the sponge that makes its home in the sea”

Contemplation is the soul’s Copernican revolution. Copernicus did not invent a heliocentric universe. He simply discovered what had always been the case. The sun never did revolve around the earth. The revolution was the integrating glimpse of the truth of … Continue reading

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The Cosmic Dance that is God the Holy Trinity

After his harrowing battle with the Un-man and his rebirth in the bowels of Perelandra, Elwin Ransom finds his way to a hidden “valley pure rose-red, with ten or twelve of the glowing peaks about it, and in the centre … Continue reading

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“Have you thanked God for this failure already?”

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“The Mountain is on fire these hours, the devil groans, truly the monks are deified”

I went out and I sat on a rock. It was getting dark. The soft roar of the sea could be heard from afar. All the sweetness of eternity came into my disturbed soul. Boundless calm. I felt the presence … Continue reading

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Interceding for Others with the Jesus Prayer

H: Indeed, father, we have not said anything up to now about saying the Jesus prayer for others. How can one use the prayer for this purpose? There is so much misfortune in the world, so much is wrong, there is … Continue reading

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The Dispassionate Sybil and the Cosmic Dance

Almost forty years ago I read my first novel by Charles Williams. I do not recall why I chose it. It was not the first or even the second novel that he wrote, nor is it one that most readers … Continue reading

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“If you deprive yourself of prayer, be sure that you have lost something very great”

You must realise the necessity of purification from passions. You should not only want to make others well but you should believe that you, too, like all of us, are full of passions. Each passion is a hell. You should … Continue reading

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