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“But the Word is said to be and is alone from the Father because he is not a creature; and the Son’s being ‘from the essence of the Father’ is indicative of this sense, which does not pertain to anything that has come into being”

The council [of Nicaea] wished to banish the impious phrases of the Arians and to inscribe the words confessed by the Scriptures: that the Son is not from non-being but from God; that he is Word and Wisdom, neither creature … Continue reading

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Robert Falconer’s Plan to Empty Hell

For some time after the loss of his friend, Robert went loitering and mooning about, quite neglecting the lessons to which he had not, it must be confessed, paid much attention for many weeks. Even when seated at his grannie’s … Continue reading

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DBH on St Gregory of Nyssa

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“In the incarnation we have the meeting of man and God in man’s place, but in the ascension we have the meeting of man and God in God’s place”

Now of course we cannot say that the eternal Logos became flesh in such a way that part of the Logos was excluded—that is what the early Lutherans were afraid of, for the Logos was totally incarnate—nevertheless he remained wholly … Continue reading

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“For since he became man it is as one of us that he sits at the right hand of God the Father, even though he is above all creation and one in substance with his Father, having truly come forth from him as God from God and Light from Light”

If there had not been many dwelling places in the house of God the Father, our Lord would have told us that he was going on ahead to prepare the dwelling places of the saints. He knew, however, that many … Continue reading

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Ascending Jesus — The Last Glimpse

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“From the moment we were punished with mortality and our race was condemned to increase by a passionate means of conception, a thick cloud covered our noetic eyes, like a cloak of flesh”

John 9:34–38. They answered and said unto him, “Thou wast altogether born in sins, and dost thou teach us?” And they cast him out. Jesus heard that they had cast him out; and when He had found him, He said … Continue reading

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The Nothing of Grace and the Apokatastasis of Justification by Faith

My adult Christian life, both pre- and post-seminary, has been marked by theological pas­sions. Holy Trinity, Incarnation, Eucharist, feminist language for divinity, ecclesial authority—at any given point in time these topics have captured and monopolized my intellect. I would buy … Continue reading

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