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The Hell of Self and the Redemption of the Outer Darkness

In his unspoken sermon “Justice,” George MacDonald takes up the task of redefining our inherited notions of requital and punishment. The principle of retribution, he asserts, is an unfit vehicle for the proclamation of the gospel. In Jesus Christ righteousness and … Continue reading

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The True Grit of God’s Justice

Is God bound to mete out punishment? Does his justice require him to inflict suffering and privation? Do our sins deserve retribution? Torah is clear. Justice demands that our crimes deserve proportional punishment: “life for life, eye for eye, tooth … Continue reading

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The Father, Justice, and the Hermeneutic of Love

When we confess that God is just, what is it that we mean? Perhaps we mean that God rewards good acts and punishes evil acts in the exact propor­tion they deserve. Let us call this the view of the man … Continue reading

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“I am shut up in a world of consciousness, an unknown I in an unknown world: surely this world of my unwilled, unchosen, compelled existence, cannot be shut out from Him”

If there be a God, and I am his creature, there may be, there should be, there must be some communication open between him and me. If any one allow a God, but one scarce good enough to care about … Continue reading

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Praying for the Consuming Fire of Love

It is a fantastical fantasy, I know. Even so, I fantasize: If every Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant pastor were to read the Unspoken Sermons of George MacDonald, the Church of Jesus Christ would experience an extraordinary revival in the Holy Spirit. … Continue reading

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“I can not reason in defense of God”

Alexa had a strong shaggy pony, which she rode the oftener that George came so often; taking care to be well gone before he arrived on his beautiful horse. One lovely summer evening she had been across the moor a … Continue reading

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The Inescapable Love of God: Saving Sinners From Themselves

But what if the Talbottian argument1 that eternal damnation is incoherent fails or at least fails to convince? What if we still find the free-will defense of hell (somewhat) persuasive? After all, how can so many smart philosophers be wrong?2 … Continue reading

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“A man is nearer heaven when in deepest hell than just ere he begins to reap the reward of his doings”

I think I have seen from afar something of the final prison of all, the innermost cell of the debtor of the universe; I will endeavour to convey what I think it may be. It is the vast outside; the … Continue reading

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