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Hunting for Moby Dick

I have decided to join Captain Ahab in search for the mysterious white whale. I imagine it will take me at least a month or two to make my way through it. Hence you may expect less activity on Eclectic … Continue reading

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Thomas F. Torrance and the Fallen God

“Perhaps the most fundamental truth which we have to learn in the Christian Church,” declares the great Scottish theologian Thomas F. Torrance, “or rather, relearn since we have suppressed it, is that the Incarnation was the coming of God to … Continue reading

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The Essence/Energies Distinction and the Myth of Byzantine Illogic

by Fr Christiaan Kappes First of all, I heartily thank Fr. Aidan Kimel for inviting me to write a guest column on Palamism. Although, in the essence of the argument, it should not make a difference, I will start by … Continue reading

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“This is the end of our love, an end by which we are not consumed but perfected”

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” This is the end of our love, an end by which we are not consumed but perfected. Food is finished when it is eaten, a garment when it is … Continue reading

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Palamas Transformed

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Is the Palamite Distinction Ecumenical Dogma?

1. The official "Message" of the Council (think cover letter), still in draft form, will affirm other Councils as "Ecumenical." — George Demacopoulos (@GDemacopoulos) June 21, 2016 2. Council of 879 (ending poorly-named Photian Schism) and Councils of 1350s, endorsing … Continue reading

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John Meyendorff and God’s Assumption of Fallen Humanity

In his various essays and books, Fr John Meyendorff frequently speaks of God’s assumption of fallen humanity in Jesus Christ. As we asked in our previous post on Met Kallistos Ware, so we ask now of Meyendorff: What does the … Continue reading

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“Now in the same way unity itself speaks through all nations in every tongue”

The happy day has dawned for us on which Holy Church makes her first radiant appearance to the eyes of faith and sets the hearts of believers on fire. It is the day on which we celebrate the sending of … Continue reading

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