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God and the Triviality of Numerical Oneness

In response to my article “Debating the Tuggy Triad,” Dr Dale Tuggy has revised his triad to address my belief in the traditional understanding of divine eternity: D*: Jesus and God differ. N*: Jesus and God are numerically one. I*: If … Continue reading

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Debating the Tuggy Triad

Are you ready for a break from the universalist/infernalist debate? I know I am. So how about a discussion on the Trinity? Everyone please click on the link and hop over to philosopher Dale Tuggy’s article “Jesus, God, and an … Continue reading

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“There is no other God than he who became man in Jesus”

God is not one thing in himself and another thing in Jesus Christ—what God is toward us in Jesus he is inherently and eternally in himself. This is the fiducial significance of the central clause in the Nicene Creed, that … Continue reading

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“Christians bespeak God in a triune coordinate system”

The kinds of trinitarian discourse developed in the New Testament and in the immediately subsequent period have continued through the history of the church. With use of the triune name they are the substance of living trinitarian apprehension of God. … Continue reading

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Can we read our way into the Trinity?

For the past six months or so I’ve been following with great interest Ben Nasmith’s ruminations on the Holy Trinity over at his blog “Cognitive Resonance.” Ben is trying to figure if the trinitarian doctrine is both biblical and philosophically … Continue reading

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An Interview with Stephen Holmes (part 2)

In this segment Stephen Holmes and Dale Tuggy talk about the personhood or personality of the Holy Trinity. This was a fun interview for me to listen to. Holmes is clearly uncomfortable with the language of personhood by which to … Continue reading

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An Interview with Stephen Holmes

Stephen R. Holmes is the author of the book The Quest for the Trinity, in which he argues that recent explications of the trinitarian doctrine depart in significant, and unfortunate, ways from the classical doctrine of the Church. As one … Continue reading

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