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Reading our way out of the Trinity

Over the past several years, I have watched on social media evangelicals and Protestants vigorously contest the doctrine of the Trinity. Is it supported by the plain reading of Holy Scripture? Is it truly biblical? Analytic philosopher Dale Tuggy has … Continue reading

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Andrei Rublev’s Icon and the Communion of the Holy Trinity

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The Neglected Doctrine of the Monarchy of the Father

Okay, all of you doctrine-of-the-Trinity people.¬†Philosopher Beau Branson has made available a series of five powerpoint presentations, with audio narration, on the neglected doctrine of the Monarchy of the Father. In the course of these he addresses objections that have … Continue reading

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The Ecclesiastical Doctrine of the Trinity

by John Henry Newman This being the general Scripture view of the Holy Trinity, it follows to describe the Ecclesiastical Doctrine, chiefly in relation to our Lord, as contained in the writings of the Fathers, especially the Ante-Nicene [Note 1]. … Continue reading

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The Creed of St Gregory of Narek

Here is my profession of faith, here, the yearnings of my wretched breath to you who constitute all things with your Word, God. What I have discoursed upon before, I set forth again, these written instructions and interpretations for the … Continue reading

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Perichoretic Trinity in Transcendence

Just how personal are the divine persons? We know that when the Eastern Church sought an appropriate vocabulary by which to distinguish the Father, Son, and Spirit from the divine substance, it finally settled on the impersonal word hypostasis, which … Continue reading

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Trinity, Logic, and the Transcendence of Transcendence

Philosopher Dale Tuggy believes he has a decisive proof against the coherency of the catholic doctrine of the Trinity. It goes like this: God is a personal being, i.e., a self. By “self” is understood a being who is conscious, … Continue reading

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