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All-time Popular Blog Posts

“If atonement ain’t penal, why the cross?”—the popular reception of this article has surprised me. With 3,982 views, it’s on the way to becoming the single most popular article within a single year I have ever published here on Eclectic … Continue reading

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Tom Belt Visits Fr Eclectic

Had a wonderful visit yesterday and today with long-time reader and contributor Tom Belt. Tom started commenting on Eclectic Orthodoxy back in early 2014, and for a while he was commenting frequently, before he restarted his blog, An Open Orthodoxy. … Continue reading

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Archimandrite Maximos Constas on the Spiritual Life

Originally posted on Eclectic Orthodoxy:
I enthusiastically commend to you this six-part series on the spiritual life by Fr Maximos (Constans). I read these talks last year and found them very helpful, and then listened to the audio recordings during…

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The Triumph of Orthodoxy and Holy Icons

Originally posted on A Reader's Guide to Orthodox Icons:
An icon celebrating the veneration of icons, the Triumph of Orthodoxy is the festal icon for the first Sunday of Great Lent. As Lent is a period of communal fasting…

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“While Christ Himself was fasting in the wilderness, He defeated our tempter by force and took away his power against mankind”

Moses fasted for many days. Awaken your minds, I entreat You, and lift them up at this opportune time, in company with Moses when he went up the mountain towards God. In this way may you start off afresh on … Continue reading

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A Tumble, a Gash, and the Jesus Prayer

As many of my readers already know, I took a bad tumble on Saturday, crashed my head on a table, and ended up in the emergency room. End result: 15 stitches in the forehead and torn tendons in my right … Continue reading

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Origen on Adam and Eve

Originally posted on De unione ecclesiarum:
Origen, De Principiis, iv. 16 = Philocalia Origenis, p. 24. (Translation, with original text on facing side, in H. M. Gwatkin, Selections from Early Christian Writers, London 1897, pp. 136-139.) What intelligent person would fancy,…

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