An Interview with Ilaria Ramelli

Also read this short article on Dr Ramelli: “A Light to Our Community.”

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  1. Rudy Carrera says:

    Sadly, the video is no longer available.


  2. danaamesd says:

    Aside from her prodigious knowledge on the topic, she seems like a really interesting person who would be easy to talk with over a beverage of choice. I like her and her work even more now – trying to economize on the book front, but it looks like I am going to have to save up some money for hers 🙂



  3. Awesome dialog. I’m finally getting to the point where those who fight against apokatastasis no longer bother me. After reading volumes on the subject and contemplation and praying about the issue, I have peace that this is the deeper truth. So many church fathers seemed to have believed it but still preached a severe eternal hell fire to scare the nominal into the Kingdom. Perhaps this is best. As Ilaria herself said, even Origin thought it smart to preach this way to the masses. Scripture, Patristics and common logic all support the blessed hope. I no longer fear God, I love him and see him finally as actually fair and truly merciful. I was hoping that Ilaria would talk more about the 5th council but perhaps she will in her upcoming books (that I can’t afford).

    At any rate, thanks be to God for first rate scholars like her that clearly and unequivocally teach the universal hope of the eventual salvation of all! May their numbers grow.


  4. 407kwac says:

    I can’t help but notice the brightness of her countenance. She evinces a joy and enthusiasm that is infectious. I haven’t finished listening yet and hope to do so when I don’t have distractions around. I look forward to the publication of the popular, condensed version of her work.



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