Aquinas & Milbank on the Analogy of Being

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3 Responses to Aquinas & Milbank on the Analogy of Being

  1. brian says:

    While controversial — Barth famously rejected the analogy of Being — I believe it is crucial to a Christian metaphysics. The concept of participation allows one to get past the limitations of a univocal or equivocal reading of being. Further, and somewhat outside the discussion with John Milbank, it is central to the articulation of a Christian platonism. Note that Christian platonism is not a pagan platonism with a Christian veneer. It is the metaphysical wisdom of humankind transfigured by revelatory truth.

    And since this was referenced in one of Father’s recent Tweets: In my view, Stephen H. Webb’s skepticism with regards to Hart’s The Experience of God really misses this aspect of Hart’s thought. In any event, the target audience was different for Hart’s most recent work from that of The Beauty of the Infinite. One cannot walk away from the latter with any sense that a proper metaphysics results in some kind of diminished angelism, nor that it somehow resists the revelation of Triune reality.


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