Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser: Divine Agency and Human Freedom

Eclectic Orthodoxy

Because God is the infinite source and ground of all reality, he transcendently causes everything that is and everything that occurs, yet not in a way that conflicts with the scientific apprehension of the world. As Diogenes Allen explains:

Divine creative activity and a complete scientific account of the relations between the members of the universe do not exclude each other because different kinds of causality are involved in each case: the constant creative activity of God that gives each creature its existence and nature, and the causal relations between creatures studied by the sciences. (Christian Belief in a Postmodern World, pp. 165-166)

We now need to ask the question, How does God actualize his providential purposes in the world? If God’s purposes were restricted to physical phenomena, we could confidently declare that “God achieves God’s intentions through the natural operations of the physical natures God gives to…

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One Response to Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser: Divine Agency and Human Freedom

  1. Iain Lovejoy says:

    A musician improvising is in complete control of the notes he plays, and no note can be played without his playing it. At the same time however the ultimate tune produced is free and out of his control – he has no idea what he will play or where the tune will take him. He chooses freely to abandon strategic control in order that an improvised piece is produced.


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