Alec Guiness reads Julian of Norwich

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  1. I love this passage from The Revelations of Divine Love and I love the voice of Alec Guinness but I do not love their combination. Guinness chooses to adopt the voice of English classical theatre of his time in reading this and so misses the pure simplicity of Julian’s own voice. The miracle of Julian is that of a woman who, as far as we know, never travelled far from the Norwich in which she grew up and in which she spent many years as an anchoress. Her education was a combination of that afforded to an ordinary English woman of her time and her years in conscious practice of the presence of God as she meditated upon her showings. Suddenly I long for a reading that can capture that. Does such a reader exist?


  2. Fr Aidan Kimel says:

    We need a woman who can bring read the text with the music and lilt of Middle English.


  3. Nabisafl says:

    A clerk of Oxford


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