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Committing Theological Fraud: St Basil the Great and David Bentley Hart

Having already published one caustic review of That All Shall Be Saved, First Things has just published yet another piece on the book: “Theological Fraud” by Michael Pakaluk. The accusive title will no doubt bait many clicks. So what is … Continue reading

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Thomas Talbott: The Inescapable Love of God (part 5)

2 Thessalonians 1:9 This is the verse most frequently invoked to disprove the thesis that the Apostle Paul believed that God will ultimately restore all human beings to himself in love and faith. Before preceding any further, I’d like to … Continue reading

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St Justinian on Apokatastasis

The folks at Classical Christianity posted today a passage from St Justinian’s letter to Patriarch Menas criticizing universal salvation. This is the letter in which the Emperor commanded the patriarch to convene a synod to condemn the teachings of Origen. … Continue reading

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