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The Doctrine of Creation as Foundational Doctrine

Diogenes Allen begins his book Philosophy for Understanding Theology with a chapter on the Christian doctrine of creation. One might initially think this an odd decision. When I ponder the theological use of philosophical conceptuality, I immediately think of the … Continue reading

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Diogenes Allen: Philosophy for Understanding Theology

My reading over the past few months has pushed me back toward a book that I read 25+ years ago: Philosophy for Understanding Theology by Diogenes Allen. I remember finding it very helpful at the time, but I think I … Continue reading

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Double Agency: Conceiving Divine and Creaturely Causality

We begin, I suggest, by getting clear in our minds the kind of relationship that exists between Creator and creatures: God’s creative activity is not external to the universe, as is our relation to such things as stoves and books. … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking and Knowing the Mind of God

If I want to understand why my closet door becomes difficult to open and close when it gets cold or how it is that a plant can convert light energy into chemical energy, I call a scientist. I do not … Continue reading

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God in Science–No Need for that Hypothesis

It’s funny how one can remember something read decades earlier but cannot remember the contents of a book read only last week. Back in seminary I read a little book by Arthur A. Vogel titled The Power of His Resurrection. … Continue reading

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